Enjoying the sun, feeling the sand between your toes and catching waves; there aren't many better experiences in life.

That was how students from The Huddle, and some special North Melbourne guests spent their day at Anglesea Beach.

CEO Ben Amarfio and AFLW captain Emma Kearney there to join in the fun. 

“Today is a great day for all involved,” Kearney said. 

“With the help of Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club, we’re teaching kids to surf. It’s a great experience at the beach and some of these kids have never been to the ocean before.

“They’re surprised at how salty the water is, and sometimes a bit nervous about the waves. But once they have a taste of it, they jump right into it.”

For Kearney, the day embodied exactly why she works at the Huddle.

“The smiles on the kids’ faces are priceless ... that’s the reason I do my job, to bring joy to young people as well as to get the chance to mingle with people that I might not normally meet,” she said.

Kearney, not the only well-known North face to join the fun.

Amarfio proving that no task was too small, cooking up a storm on the BBQ and providing plenty of support for the kids. 

“I was given two instructions today ... 'don’t burn the sausages, and don’t drown the kids',” he said, laughing. 

“I think I’ve done okay, and it has been an incredible day.

“It was so nice to see the kids shrieking with delight about the surfing, and it was heart-warming talking to the mums and watching their kids having so much fun.”

The bus ride back to Arden Street at the end of the day was filled with exhausted kids, with grins from ear to ear.

Chatting with new friends about catching their first wave, and already planning to attend the next year’s surf trip, it's a day they won't soon forget.