The entire North Melbourne AFL playing list will visit Hobart, Launceston and Devonport as part of its 2020 Community Camp.

Following on from the Community Marsh series game on Monday, March 9, the two-day camp will include visits to local communities, schools and hospital.

Rhyce Shaw and North CEO, Ben Amarfio, will also cross the Bass Strait to lend a helping hand.

For many of the boys, the annual Community Camp is a highlight in their schedules.

“For me being able to go back to Tasmania means a lot,” Tarryn Thomas told North Media.

“Last year during Community Camp I had the chance to visit my primary and high school in Launceston, which was a really special experience.

“It’s great to show the boys around a bit, and getting out to some of the schools and making those kids smile ... it’s a great experience.”