What makes North Melbourne special?
Having a strong sense of belonging.

Describe North Melbourne in one sentence…
A fun, hardworking and team orientated environment. 

If we told you growing up there’d be a national women’s competition, and you’d be playing in it … what would you say?
No way!

What’s your advice to aspiring female footballers?
Ask questions and learn as much as you can from a variety of different people.

My favourite thing about footy is …
The lifelong friendships you form.

Outside of footy I …
Enjoy travelling and hanging with family and friends. 

My favourite North player is …
Ben Cunnington. 

My footy inspiration is …  
I love watching Scott Pendlebury operate! 

Who wins the 2020 North AFLW B & F?
Jazzy Garner. 

If you could create your own AFLW team’s mascot what would it be?
Nothing beats our current kangaroo mascot!

Favourite part of 2019 season?
Playing in the inaugural game in Hobart. 

Worst part of pre-season?
All the running! 

Weirdest pre-game tradition/ritual?
None - I’m not particularly superstitious.

Most influential person in your life?
My parents. 

Which club song always gets stuck in your head?
The GWS song. 

How did you react when you were told you were going to play for an AFLW team?
I was super pleased and so grateful for the opportunity - and very surprised!