UPDATE: Ben Amarfio and Darren Crocker reached their $10,000 goal and escaped Neil's Wheel.

The club would like to thank all those who generously contributed to the Good Friday Appeal. 

There's still time to donate to an amazing cause - click here to donate


North Melbourne CEO Ben Amarfio and club stalwart Darren Crocker will be taking the club's support for the Good Friday Appeal to new heights on Friday, as they try to escape 'Neil's Wheel'.

The concept is simple; the pair will ride the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel until they can raise a minimum of $10,000 for the Royal Children's Hospital.

3AW and Neil Mitchell will host the 'Escape From Neil's Wheel' fundraiser, with all donations going towards providing valuable equipment for the hospital.

The event will be live on 3AW between 8.30am-11.30am on Friday morning. 

How to donate

Simply head to the dedicated North donation page, and click the 'Give Now' button to show your support. 

Every donation, however big or small, is greatly appreciated and goes towards an amazing cause. 


Where does the money go?

A Pathology Tissue Processor
Thanks to support from Neil’s Wheel participants, children with cancer will benefit from increased accuracy in the assessment and diagnoses of their tumours.

The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) lab services will soon have access to new tissue processing technology.

Featuring an upgraded model for preserving tumour samples and a highly specific microtomy device for slicing and setting the samples for analysis, these new technologies will greatly enhance the speed and accuracy of processing tumour samples.

For RCH patients, this means faster and more accurate diagnoses and a reduction in need for unnecessary and painful surgeries with the new ability to do more with smaller tumour samples.