The magic of young students experiencing snow for the first time was the pinnacle of The Huddle's school holiday program. 

“My favourite part was the snow trip, I’ve never been before and it actually snowed while we were there,” teenage participant Takee Alif, told North Media.

The day trip to Lake Mountain bringing staff and students, like Ehtaw Joe, together.    

“I wish that all the staff could of come skiing with us today, but I enjoyed it so much and cannot wait for another holiday program,” Joe said. 

The program comprises the Arden holiday program (for 8 to 13-year-olds) and the Wyndham holiday program (15 to 18-year-olds).  

The snow day was the only overlapping activity. 

A multitude of other activities were offered over the two week winter period including ice skating, a ride on the Melbourne Star, rock climbing and an excursion to the IMAX cinema. 

For the older kids in Wyndham, the focus was on providing employment and leadership skills. 

Activities such as a professional waiter course, and days spent at the escape room or a virtual reality workshop were innovative ways to improve leadership and teamwork in action.  

All activities were designed to provide new experiences, build social connections and push youth out of their comfort zones. 

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