Mixed Martial Arts, Yoga and Coding were just a few of the innovative and exciting programs on offer at The Huddle’s virtual Spring School Holidays program.

A total of 56 young people between the ages of eight and 12 took part in the four programs on offer while a further 36 students joined in the Senior Holiday program, gaining qualifications in Food Handling and the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA). 

Mixed Marial Arts champion, Lane Cole-DeLu, took participants on a virtual trip around the world learning the fundamentals of Karate, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. 

“There is so much value and depth for young people to be involved in martial arts. You learn body and movement awareness, develop strength, speed, fitness and practice focus, respect, teamwork and patience all while having fun,” Cole-DeLu said. 

“The kids were so fun to teach. They were fast learners and enthusiastic participants.” 

The Huddle also partnered with local businesses OMG Yoga and Code Like a Girl. 

Senior School Holidays participant, Frankie Jeffery, achieved certificates through the virtual food safety and handling, and responsible service of alcohol course, from the comfort of her own home. 

“This is the first time I’ve been involved with The Huddle and I’ve managed to get my food handling and RSA certificate for free and with personal support which I think is pretty amazing,” Jeffery said. 

“COVID-19 has made it hard to find a job but, I think the courses will be really helpful when things start opening up again and I can start looking for a new job.” 

Not only are the sessions run to support young people learn new skills, but they are also a way to keep the community connected. 

“I like meeting new people and I get to do that through The Huddle’s programs,” RSA course participant, Take Alif said. 

“It was really fun being with other people and it helps to learn new things when you’re having fun. I’ve done the waiters and barista course as well so I was curious about the RSA course and now that I’m 18 I think having the qualifications will give me more opportunities.” 

Students were also given the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills through True North’s growth mindset session. 

“Skills wise, the True North session helped improve my mindset,” Jerry Ng said. 

“We have learnt about growth mindset and positive language which will help my communication skills. I’ve taken on some leadership roles at my school so the program has helped enhance my leadership skills. 

“The True North programs are good because there are so many activities you can take part in and you can still meet new people in the community. 

“This is really important especially in these tough times and the community spirit at The Huddle is really positive.” 

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Huddle school holiday program (October 2, 2020)

Take a look at what the team at the Huddle got up to over the school holidays.

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