Investing in the empowerment of young girls is one way communities can promote healthier and more inclusive societies.

So far in 2020, 4,614 young people have participated in The Huddle’s junior and senior programs across areas including education, careers, and sport and recreation. More than half of the participants have been young girls and women.

Looking for new and exciting ways to engage with young girls in our programs, and most recently in the Spring Huddle Holidays, The Huddle partnered with local business Code Like a Girl (CLG).

14 young girls virtually attended in The Huddle’s first ever coding program, thanks to CLG.

Hosted by CLG Education Director Anna Hayes, participants were educated on the basics of coding and at the end of the session could move characters, and create actions and animations. 

“At the core of Code Like a Girl, we want to provide girls and women with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support to enter the world of coding,” Miss Hayes said.

“We are aware that so much of what we will rely on in the future will be tech-based which is why it is so important to have diversity in the creation of that very technology.

“We love engaging with young people as they are open to a world of opportunity and with just a small amount of encouragement can achieve such curiosity and creativity.

“By working with young girls, we are able to actively work against many gender biases around STEM and technology.”

As well as coding, The Huddle worked to bring Spring Holiday participants happiness and relaxation through OMG Yoga.

“At OMG Yoga, it is all about living your best life and finding happiness through movement, breath and laughter,” Olivia Maree Goder, founder of OMG Yoga said. 

“We specialise in kids yoga and I always love their energy and passion, the enthusiasm is infectious.

“We can also learn a lot from young people. They have a unique ability to have fun and be in the moment despite the impacts COVID-19 is having on our lives.”

Maintaining our commitment to the community, The Huddle will continue to look for new and exciting ways to bring engaging and fresh content to our participants.

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