Luke McDonald knows his unshakeable belief will allow him to turn around what he admits has been a “disappointing” season.  

It’s clear North Melbourne shares the same view, after signing the talented youngster to a new three-year deal.

“To be honest, personally, [I’m] pretty disappointed with how I’ve been going,” McDonald told North Media.

“I probably haven’t improved the way that I would have liked, but that’s footy – you have your ups and downs.”

Previously named a ‘defender’, McDonald would today be labelled a ‘utility’ given the amount of various roles he’s had; something he acknowledges may have unsettled him slightly, but could also bode well for his future.

“I don’t really have any excuses,” McDonald declared.

“Over the pre-season I’m just going to work my arse off and get in the best nick I can possibly be in, but I have played in a lot of different roles this year.

[I've] played a bit in the backline, on the wing, even a few run-with roles in the midfield, so it’s been sort of good being able to play everywhere but would be nice to settle down but I suppose that’s one of my strengths; being able to play wherever and I’m always happy to play wherever the team needs me.

“Without a doubt it’s been awesome for my education to learn every role and know that I can play any position on the ground.”

Full of potential, McDonald has been tagged a future leader of North Melbourne and knows his best is ahead of him.

“I’ve learnt a lot so far this year, and the year is certainly not over so I can hopefully have a massive impact over the next couple of weeks and into September which h is what everyone remembers … no one remembers your year if you have a big games in September, that’s all that matters,” he said.

However McDonald knows if North is to feature in the finals, it must beat Adelaide and St Kilda.

“I suppose for us it’s pretty much an elimination final; if we win we’re still in the hunt [but] if we lose we’re pretty much out of it so obviously on the back of last week we were bitterly disappointed with the Dogs’ game, but that’s the strength of this group, we’ve bounced back and we know what we did wrong in that game,” he said.

McDonald is bullish about the club’s immediate future, and he’s also confident in what’s to come.

“[I’m] stoked to be here the next three years and hopefully longer … absolutely love the club, as everyone probably knows, you know I’ve gone for the club ever since birth so [it’s] awesome to wrap up another three years.”