As part of the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) 150th year celebrations, UooUooniversal is one of one hundred UooUoo’s scattered across the cities of Melbourne and Geelong, until March 21.

Designed and painted by Geelong artist, Patricia Waugh, UooUooniversal speaks of community, common ground and acceptance with a strong representation of multicultural existence and coming together in harmony.  

A vivid green highlights the community’s connection to the garden and forests while the blue represents the sky with a deep red symbolising the earth of Australia and the warmth of the sun.

The UooUoo Art Trail is designed to engage families and businesses in a unique walking art experience with all sculptured set to be auctioned after Easter to raise funds for the RCH.

Download the FREE Me and UooUoo app to help you find all the UooUoos across Melbourne and Geelong and you could unlock a signed 2021 North Melbourne team guernsey. Simply enter the four-digit code in the App for your chance to win.