A very familiar face at The Huddle, and a much-loved member of Melbourne’s Somali community, Marwo Salat has donated countless hours in support of those in need.  

First coming across The Huddle through her children’s involvement in Study Squad, Marwo quickly built strong relationships with other community members.  

“I met other parents in the community because my children went to Study Squad and also other Huddle Holiday programs,” Marwo said.

“I was familiar with the area and the Somali community, but I met other parents in the area, and we have stayed in touch.”  

In 2020, Marwo went above and beyond for her community and residents in Melbourne’s Public Housing Towers by providing families with food, medical information and assisting in sourcing educational supplies, by working with both The Huddle and AMSSA Youth Connect.  

“The Public Housing Tower lockdown in Melbourne was hard emotionally. It was unexpected, so I supported people sometimes by just talking to them on the phone,” she said.

“Cut off from their day-to-day lives, we stayed positive and I made sure everyone knew I was going to be there whenever they needed.”  

Speaking to Marwo about her role in supporting her community throughout 2020, it is clear the love for her community runs deep.  

“I always have my door open for anyone who needs me,” she added.  

“Everyone needs to support each other. No matter where you live, everyone will need support at one time or another and that is what I am here for.”  

As a small token of our appreciation, and with thanks to Spirit of Tasmania, The Huddle invited Marwo to toss the coin at the beginning of the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos' Round 2 win over St Kilda at Arden St.  

“It made me and my kids really happy to be invited and it felt like I belonged to the community,” she said.  

“My kids were also very happy to be there, they know I support other families, so they were happy to be there after a hard year.”  

We cannot thank Marwo and her family enough for all that they do. Together, we will continue to support families and young people so that all members of our community are empowered to learn, grow and belong.  

To find out more about Study Squad and how you can get involved with The Huddle, please email us at Huddle@nmfc.com.au.