Sport has the power to transcend cultural barriers, to empower youth to build on their strengths, and contribute to more socially inclusive communities.

For the past decade, The Huddle has empowered more than 85,000 young people in its community to learn, grow and belong.

As the North Melbourne Football Club’s community arm, The Huddle is dedicated to strengthening education and employment outcomes for young people by leveraging the power of sport.

Filmed in and around parts of North Melbourne, The Huddle’s new commercial follows the journey of three young people from African, Indian and Asian backgrounds. They learn to play their favourite sport, and along with education and employment opportunities, they grow into resilient and talented young people before finding a place of belonging in employment.

Learn, grow, and belong with us. 

Watch the new video below. 

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The Huddle - Learn, grow & belong with us (2021)

Sport has the power to transcend cultural barriers.The Huddle is committed to leveraging the power of sport, contributing to socially inclusive communities.Learn, grow & belong with us.Visit for more information.

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