With the AFLW Sign and Trade period kicking off on Monday, list managers and coaches across the competition will be looking at every avenue possible to build their list.

Teams could pick up - or lose - a point of difference in the pursuit of premiership glory, diamonds could be found in the rough, lists can be trimmed down or expanded out.

Whilst disappointed with last season’s qualifying final loss to Collingwood, the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos have their sights firmly set on building for next season.

With established stars like Jas Garner and Emma Kearney leading the way, Crocker says while the current list is in a strong place, he is looking for his side to improve in the upcoming season.

“The girls have really embraced our system and the way we want to play our footy,” Crocker told North Media.

"We will look at moving some of our players around into different positions within our list to see if they can fill a couple of areas we need to get better”.

“That may then determine what type of player we want to bring in … we’ve always preached a full squad mentality.”

North’s sign and trade period last year was defined by the acquisition of Grace Campbell from Richmond, a successful move for all parties involved with Campbell finishing 11th in the club’s best and fairest.

Crocker says he’s keen to repeat the success of last year’s sign and trade period by not only picking up some more strong talent, but by retaining the players the club feels can take it forward.

“We were really happy with our acquisition last year, to get Grace Campbell was really good, we felt we definitely addressed one of our needs by getting her in,” he said.

“When you talk about learnings, that was something we identified. We’ll do the same this year and identify areas we need to improve".

“We need to get better. We’re looking at bringing in more talent, whether that be through the sign and trade period or the draft.”

It’s hard to argue that North’s list is currently in a strong position, and by no means do sweeping changes need to be made.

Crocker says there is no specific age demographic the club is targeting.

“When you’ve still got Emma Kearney who’s such a pro and playing the type of footy she did this year, for her to come runner up in our best and fairest was tremendous,” he said.

“The next group under that you’ve got Emma King, Jas Garner, they’re currently 26, Jenna Bruton is just a year younger than them, you’ve got Ellie Gavalas and Ash Riddell.

“Then you throw the likes of Daisy Bateman and Daria Bannister at 21 or 22, and then Alice O’Loughlin and Bella Eddey, the profile and demographic of our list is really coming together and it looks really strong.

“If we can add more youthful talent to that list and potentially bring in a couple of needs through the sign and trade period I think that’ll hold us in good stead.”