The Huddle is supporting local communities to access COVID-19 vaccinations, as Melbourne edges closer to its 70 and 80 per cent roadmap targets. 

In partnership with Wyndham City Council, North Melbourne's community arm helped setup a pop-up vaccination hub at Tarneit Soccer Club last week. 

The club provides not only a familiar place for community members, but one that is comfortable, safe and accessible for all.

"It was an easy system and (there were) good employees. I feel very comfortable," one mother said ahead of receiving her first vaccination. 

With previously low vaccination rates in the Wyndham local government area, the hubs have been hugely successful. By September 19, the area boasted 75 per cent first-dose rates, among the highest in Victoria. 

In all, 112 people received vaccinations at the Tarneit pop-up, with in-language vaccination webinars run by The Huddle providing valuable education about the vaccine, its benefits and  possible side-effects. Staff were also available to answer questions and concerns from the community. 

The Huddle helped the community to overcome language barriers and limited access to digital platforms, taking bookings directly for the vaccination pop-up. 

"It’s good to see things like this tailored for our community," a local mother added. 

Such was the success of the pop-up at Tarneit, another date is now being planned to access second doses at the same venue.