1. It's in the blood

As the son of Shannon Bergman, who was drafted by North Melbourne with pick 66 in 1989, Miller's blood runs royal blue and white. While Shannon Bergman didn't play a senior game for the Kangaroos, it taught Shannon a number of important lessons he's been able to pass down to his son. "Dad always said you need to have workrate because the harder you work, the more chance you'll have in finding the ball," Bergman told the Dandenong Stingrays website. It also means Bergman has supported North Melbourne since birth.

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Pick 38: Miller Bergman in action (NAB AFL Draft, 2021)

Watch some of the best bits of Miller Bergman's 2021 season in the NAB League after North selected him with pick 38 in the draft.

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2. He knows what hard work looks like

There has been little luck in Miller Bergman’s journey to this point, with the 18-year-old defender priding himself on his tireless work ethic. Bergman used the COVID shutdown period to improve his running capacity to ensure he was ready to join an AFL list. "I am preparing for the harder stages if I am able and lucky enough to get there," Bergman told the Dandenong Star Journal. "I have gone and watched North Melbourne train, I am a mad North Melbourne supporter, I have seen how hard they work at training, I have tried to get that into my own scenario. Keep fit and work hard, it is never going to get easier the higher you go."

3. He's already bulking up

While his height and athleticism will hold him in good stead at the top level, Bergman will likely need to add to his light frame at North Melbourne. It's an area of his game he has already started addressing, putting on almost 7kg in 2021. "I got a personal trainer to help me put on size; he's been a massive help because that's probably one of the main factors [to build] some strength when I play some inside and outside," Bergman told the Dandenong Stingrays website. "[Also] going through the Stingrays' nutritionist helped with what to eat to help build size."

4. He'll be right at home at Arden St

He may not have arrived at Arden Street yet or met all of his new teammates, but being a lifelong North Melbourne supporter, Miller Bergman knows exactly what to expect at his new club. Bergman says he is excited to be joining a talented young playing group. "I'd love to play with North," he told SEN. "Stars like Luke Davies-Uniacke and Tom Powell, all these young guns coming through and developing really well. I'd love to be alongside them and learning from them as well."

5. He's a true attacking defender

The rebounding defender is a prominent part of today's game, but Bergman takes the term 'attacking defender' to a whole new level. Bergman was given the responsibility of kicking out for the Dandenong Stingrays this season, but remarkably, also averaged one goal per game. "I just like to try and open up the game from half-back, but also work forward. I love hitting the scoreboard," Bergman told SEN. "Whatever will help the team, if that's pushing forward, hitting the scoreboard and working back again, that's what I'll do."