Young defender Jackson Archer says that his impressive shuttle run effort was a result of his extra off-season activity.

First-to-fourth-year players, as well as several experienced Roos, returned to training on Monday morning and it was Archer who finished ahead of the pack in the 1.8km run.

"I just put it down to coming into the club as much as I can," Archer told North Media.


"It was a group of us that pretty much just tried to come into the club most days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (for) running and then on Tuesday and Thursday it was about a group of six to eight of us that would come in and do boxing with our boxing coach.

"I just try to work as hard as I can, so it was good to take out the time trial."

Archer managed three games in total in his debut season at Arden Street and displayed his fearless attack on the contest and the opposition in each of them.

The 19-year-old confirmed that starting the pre-season off strongly was a goal for him as he looks to add to his career games tally.

"Yeah definitely (it was a goal)," Archer said.

"(I) got a taste of AFL footy last year and loved every second of it and I'd love to playing some more games next year."


In his official return to training, Archer also mentioned a couple of teammates that had caught his eye on day one.

"Jack Mahony is running really well and he's looked good with his skills," Archer said.

"Tarryn Thomas barely missed a target all day (on Monday), so he was impressive too.


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