Versatile Kangaroo Curtis Taylor has entered recovery mode after suffering a small fibula fracture against the Gold Coast Suns in Round 24.

The 23-year-old was subbed out during the third quarter in North Melbourne's resounding 35-point win at Blundstone, but will be able to join the side's main off-season conditioning program.

Head of performance Kevin White has provided the latest update on Taylor, as well as those that also head into the off-season under injury clouds.



Callum Coleman-Jones – Concussion
Expected return: Start of pre-season

"Cal’s concussion symptoms have settled well and he is feeling good.

"He's had three weeks of strong, on-field loading and will look to build upon this with an uninterrupted off-season program with the main group."

Charlie Comben – Ankle
Expected return: Start of pre-season

"Charlie had been putting together some consistent running loads on-ground, however, still felt like there was restriction in that ankle with where some of the metalwork was sitting.

"He underwent a procedure to have these removed which after two weeks of recovery will enable him to get back into running conditioning.

"Charlie will look to build a strong off-season to attack the return to pre-season in good physical condition."

Hamish Free – Shoulder
Expected return: Start of pre-season (non-contact)

"Hamish is tracking well, he is starting to build his strength loads in the gym and has been in running conditioning over the past two weeks.

"He will look to put a big off-season in to build his shoulder strength and look to further enhance his aerobic tank. We envisage that he will be modified from contact on his return.

Brayden George – Knee
Expected return: Start of pre-season

"Brayden had been in full, unrestricted group training for the last four weeks of the season.

"He will slot into the main group’s off-season conditioning program and jump into day one of pre-season.

"This being his first pre-season, we will look to graduate his loading and proactively manage at times over the summer."


Cooper Harvey – Shoulder
Expected return: Start of pre-season (non-contact)

"Cooper is a few weeks behind Hamish (Free) with walking, bike and light shoulder mobility over the past two weeks.

"On top of strengthening his shoulder once again, he will look to graduate into running in the coming weeks with a big focus in building his fitness base and repeat effort ability."

Griffin Logue – Knee
Expected return: TBC

 "Griffin is doing really well in phase one of his rehab post-op recovery.

"The range and strength of that injured knee is looking good at this early stage which is a great start to what is an important phase. One of the biggest tasks will be minimising swelling in this period which then allows for further development/progression of his strength program which supports his commencement of running in phase two."


Jack Mahony – Shoulder
Expected return: Start of pre-season (non-contact)

"Jack is very much into his end-stage strength phase now where he is making significant gains with that injured shoulder.

"He has put in a strong five-week conditioning block and will look to build on this across the off-season."

Luke McDonald – Hamstring  
Expected return: Start of pre-season (modified group)

"Luke is recovering well from his hamstring procedure and is in recovery and light activation across the next three weeks.

"He will then have eight weeks of building up his strength in the gym and running fitness on-ground. On return he will initially be in a modified group as we assess his strength and function and determine appropriate drills whilst consolidating his speed/acceleration work."

Jaidyn Stephenson – Thumb
Expected return: Start of pre-season

"Jaidyn is feeling good with only slight restriction with his grip strength which will return to full capacity over the next two weeks.

"He will complete the off-season programming with the main group and be unrestricted on his return to the club."


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Curtis Taylor - Fibula
Expected return: Start of pre-season

"Curtis had a small crack in his fibula off that leg contusion he suffered against the Suns (in Round 24).

"His plan is to down-load for four weeks, then go through a week of AlterG running before transitioning into the main group's off-season conditioning program."

Cam Zurhaar – Ankle
Expected return: Start of pre-season (non-contact)

"After initial progress with his ankle injury there was insufficient function without pain to allow Cam to keep going with the conservative approach, so he had surgery two weeks ago to ensure a clean, uninterrupted re-loading.

"Cam is already in a good position with minimal swelling and weight-bearing without crutches. He will build into his rehab strength and look to attack his running conditioning to enhance his fitness leading into pre-season."


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