Beloved Kangaroos supporter Dot Pain. Photos: supplied

Dorothy 'Dot' Pain, who died on Monday aged 89, was a beloved member of the North Melbourne family.

A co-founder of the club's Peninsula Ladies Supporter Group with her great friend Kay Cubitt, Dot continued to attend games until her passing, and remained a regular on the group's interstate bus trips.

She gave countless hours volunteering at Arden St, becoming well known around the club for her sausage sizzles at training. In the years before the club established a formal membership department, she hit the phones to encourage supporters to sign up. In 2007 she joined the fight to 'Keep North South'.

"Our club was built on supporters like Dot who would give their time and support so unselfishly," club historian Greg Ryan said.

Co-captain Luke McDonald, who knew Dot from his childhood spent around the club, described her as "one of the club's iconic supporters".

"When I was a kid coming into the club she'd look out for me," McDonald said. "She'd always go off and find me a sausage in bread.

"Later in life I got to know her as one of the club's iconic supporters. She was so loyal, always had a smile on her face. She'd do anything for the club.

"When I think of what it means to be a Shinboner, she's someone who exemplifies this club, and what it means to so many people.

"She was always there, through thick and thin."

North Melbourne extends its condolences to Dot's family and her many friends in the club's supporter groups and beyond.