Meeting Majak Daw was just one highlight of 15-year-old Tyrese Te Uira’s recent work experience.

“I got to take a picture and have a chat with Majak Daw, as well as see how the football club operates internally,” he told North Media.

“It was so cool!”

Though initially nervous about spending time at Arden Street with star athletes and coaches, Te Uira was soon put at ease by the welcoming atmosphere.

“I’m actually pretty shy, but my first impression of the club was that everyone was so nice,” Te Uira said.

“If I needed help with something, there were tons of people who offered to help. And everyone was friendly, even all the footy stars!”

Te Uira was impressed and surprised by how many other aspects there were to North.

“Before, I just thought that North Melbourne was only about footy,” he said.

“But after working here, I noticed that there are so many different types of jobs, and that they also do a ton of stuff in the community.”

Besides the job diversity in the sporting industry, Te Uira was struck by the different types of people he met.

“I loved how all different people interacted at North, people from different races and backgrounds and I got to talk to people that I might not usually,” he said.

His experience set to leave a lasting impact.

“I definitely feel more confident in myself after my work experience,” Te Uira said.