A culmination of 14 weeks of skill development and practice was gratifying, as a group of young men showed off their new skills and team-work. 

The result of hard work and dedication culminating in a "friendly" between North Melbourne and Carlton's Next Generation Academies (NGA).

And it was about far more than just winning.

“Once it all ends, we hope that the skill development and off field training sessions have made a real impact,” Jas Garner, North's academy operations coordinator, told North Media. 

“Ideally once the U15 are done with NGA they move on to play for the Western Jets programs or Interleague, and see some success. 

“At that age, it is important to focus on creating a well-rounded player, on and off the field,” Garner concluded.

The budding stars provided with multiple on and off field training sessions, including a kicking masterclass from premiership player, Darren Crocker.

“When we took the boys through the North facilities most of the AFL players were still out training, but a couple of the players were in with the physios,” Garner said. 

“A couple of the NGA kids were definitely starstruck. They absolutely loved it and loved seeing what playing at the highest level could look like.” 

Education sessions on values, cultural awareness and nutrition were also delivered by various staff.