He’s just stepped off a plane from Ireland, but Red Og Murphy is already setting about making an early impression at his new AFL club.

Murphy, who arrived in Melbourne last week, is North’s first Irish recruit in over a decade, and is hoping to follow in the footsteps of the likes of some of his fellow countrymen.

“It’s something that I would definitely love to have a good go at (playing Australian Rules),” Murphy told North Media.

“I know it won’t be easy, but it’s something I’ll definitely be putting 100 per cent into, I’ll be getting down to work straight away, and putting 100 per cent effort into it.

“There’s a lot of work that’s gone into getting me here, and there’s a lot of different people who have put time and effort into it, so I just want to do it for them, as well as myself.”

The 18-year-old was an accomplished Under 20’s gaelic footballer, widely praised back home for his scoring prowess, evident by his 11 points in his side’s one-point loss in the All-Ireland minor quarter-final.

Having successfully trialled with North back in August, Murphy believes some of his gaelic skills can easily translate across to AFL.

“A lot of it is the same,” he revealed.

“The athleticism and run, it’s kind of a running game, similar to gaelic.”

While Murphy has identified some similarities between the two codes, the Sligo teenager has also noticed some stark differences.

“The biggest change is the oval ball,” he said.

“The oval ball is a big difference for me, but I’ve had a footy for the past few months at home and I’ve been messing with that trying to get a grasp of that.

“The physicality is a big difference too.

“The boys spend a lot of time in the gym, they’re big, and that’s one thing that I’ve personally notice already.”

Although there’s a lot of learning for the Irishmen to do in the coming months, for now, the focus is on settling into his new surroundings and integrating with his new teammates, coaches and staff.

“I’ve just been settling in over the past week, getting use to the jetlag and all that,” Murphy said.

“At the moment I’m just getting to know everybody and getting around to everyone.

“They’ve made me feel really welcome and everyone’s getting around saying hello.

“I’ve been chatting to a few lads and a few of the coaches and staff as well, so that’s been nice.”