Established in 2010, North Melbourne’s award-winning community not for profit, The Huddle, aims to help young people in our community learn, grow, and belong.

With a focus on young people between the ages of 12 to 25 from migrant or refugee backgrounds, enhancing social cohesion and engagement has been a primary focus.

In almost a decade, The Huddle has helped over 65,000 young people through sports and recreation, education, employment skills, and other programs

2018 was another big year.

We saw the opening of The Huddle’s newest facilities at Chirnside Park in Wyndham and are now in 40 locations across Australia.

With over 50 schools involved with North’s not-for-profit community arm, this year alone, we saw nearly 6,000 new participants.

Besides these big areas of growth, we saw our young people smile, laugh, and grow on a day to day basis.

A memorable day was when a group of students experienced snow for the first time.

The wonder, laughter, and surprise were something that will be cherished for some time to come.

We were inspired by 8 youths who tackled the 96-kilometre-long Kokoda Trek with Victoria Police and business leaders, breaking down barriers and pushing their personal limits.   

Additionally, 27 young people kick started their careers with thanks to our local business partners, tutors, and resume help.

More than half of the North Melbourne’s playing list got involved with The Huddle in different capacities – tutoring, designing leadership programs, hosting clinics and attending events with our young people.

Several players worked closely with several young people from African backgrounds to launch Be Brave, Speak Up - a national campaign against racism that has reached eight million people

Nearly 300 volunteers helped us throughout the year, spending thousands of hours in the journey towards helping our community learn grow and belong.

But most of all, we appreciate our young people - bright, hardworking, resilient, and strong, who attend The Huddle every day, and are open to teach, learn, grow, and help one another.

We couldn’t do it without you.