He’s a player that likes to fly under the radar, but North Media enjoyed a rare sit-down with 2019 Syd Barker Medallist Ben Cunnington. 

The number 10 gave his insights into who has caught his eye in the pre-season so far. 

Rhyce Shaw 

“It’s obviously Shawry’s first pre-season to set his standards and implement what he wants into the team. 

“From day one he’s challenged us, but he’s really backed it up with that care and support, which is something that I’ve really noticed. He’s really put it on a few of us, especially some of the older guys, but has supported us the whole way. 

“He’s got a lot of belief in the midfield group, and he’s big on a lot of people going through there, and guys being able to play different positions. 

“We’ve probably been a bit complacent, relying on what we do well. But the boys are really accepting it, and getting on board. We know that if we can nail it we will be a really hard team to play against. ” 

Aiden Bonar 

“He’s been really impressive. He’s got big size and plenty of power behind him, and he uses that really well. 

“He’s got a good ability to listen and learn, and that’s allowing him to play to his strengths.” 

Dom Tyson 

“Dom had a tough year last year, but it’s great to see him work his way back.

“He’s a really balanced player and can do a bit of everything, inside or outside.”

Aaron Hall 

“Hally” has been challenged along with a few of us, but he’s responded really well.

“His offensive game is as good as anyone out there, so to see him doing the work and playing well is really exciting for everyone.”

Jed Anderson

“Jed has been really impressive with how he attacks the ball and the man. 

“You look at him and wonder how he does it. 

“He’s really impressed me this pre-season.” 

Jy Simpkin 

“Jy’s development has been the one that’s impressed me the most. 

“For a young guy, he helps drive the standards and works as hard as anyone.” 

Shaun Higgins 

“He just keeps getting better and better. Age is just a number. 

“It’s no surprise considering the work he puts into his body, and he’s been our best player by far. 

“It’s just unreal to see, and he’s a great role model for the young guys. ”