1. What makes North Melbourne special?
The playing group and supporters.

2. Describe North Melbourne in one sentence…
Strong team filled with talent.

3. If we told you growing up there’d be a national women’s competition, and you’d be playing in it … what would you say?
“Oh heck, I better get training now.”

4. What’s your advice to aspiring female footballers?
Enjoy your youth and playing sport with your mates, don’t put pressure on yourself.  Most times you are playing your best when you are enjoying it most.

5. My favourite thing about footy is …
Team sport and the tackling.

6. Outside of footy I …
Study nursing at ACU and work part-time.

7. My favourite North player is …
Emma Kearney.

8. My footy inspiration is …
To win the 2020 premiership, however I’m pretty confident we will get it done.

9. Who wins the 2020 North AFLW B & F?
A tie between Beth Lynch and Ash Riddell.

10. Most embarrassing footy moment?
Yet to come.

11. Favourite part of 2019 season?
Winning games and travelling with the team.

12. Worst part of pre-season?
Conditioning but suddenly when you are playing you wish you did more.

13. Weirdest pre-game tradition/ritual?
Wearing my playing jumper backwards for an hour before I run out to play.

14. What did you want to be when you were younger?
A doctor until I realised they had to be extremely smart.

15. Most influential person in your life?
Jenna Bruton.

16. Which club song always gets stuck in your head? 
GWS theme song.

18. How did you react when you were told you were going to play for an AFLW team?
I was shocked, didn’t think I was good enough. However extremely excited.