North Melbourne is prepared to entertain a trade for Ben Brown as the club continues to reshape its list, GM Football Brady Rawlings has confirmed.

“It’s not a decision we’ve made lightly as Ben has been a tremendous part of our club since 2014,” Rawlings told North Media.

It follows the club’s announcement that eleven other players would not be offered new contracts.

Rawlings said he and coach Rhyce Shaw spoke to Brown last Friday and explained the club’s position.

“It was a very honest discussion,” he said.

“Ben was very mature and understood our decision.

“We will work with Ben and his management to secure a mutually beneficial outcome.”

Rawlings knows not everyone will agree with the decisions being made, but said it's imperative the club puts itself in a position to achieve a period of sustained on-field success.

“These recent changes can be difficult for everyone involved, including our members, but they have been made in the best interests of the club,” he said.

“We have a clear plan and pathway to lead this club back to finals as quickly as possible.

“We know our members will back us in and trust we are only interested in getting better across the board. We will use every avenue and mechanism available to achieve that.”