There were drop punts, some high-flies and maybe a falcon or two all in the first ever online Welcome to AFL session, run by The Huddle and supported by the City of Melbourne.

Facilitating a completely online, interactive, and educational event, The Huddle’s game development coordinator Nick Devereux hosted 24 people from 13 different cultural backgrounds.

“It was a fantastic turnout last night. It was great to see everyone getting involved and learning new skills such as how to kick and handball,” Devereux said.

“The Welcome to AFL sessions are more than just teaching students about the game, they are a way to help young people form new connections and stay in touch with one another.”

Continuing to innovate and adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, The Huddle has risen to the challenge, continuing its commitment to the community, and empowering all to learn, grow and belong.

“We aim to provide participants with an interactive session that combines the history of the game with the current day spectacle along with practical skills,” Devereux added. 

“Most participants have never seen or heard of AFL and so the sessions, as much as they are about learning new skills, are also about forming that connection with a game that is a large part of Melbourne’s identity.

“It was incredible to see students in the session and even though we can’t physically be there with them, we are still able to help them create a bond with the city that they may not have been able to fully explore yet.”

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Welcome to AFL

Our team at the Huddle have moved to a new format to help educate some new faces on AFL.

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