“Diversity is what makes our country so great so if we can continue to celebrate that and educate ourselves and others then that is a step in the right direction.”
A strong advocate for embracing cultural diversity, North Melbourne Tasmania Kangaroos captain Emma Kearney said NAIDOC 2020 is about celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and promoting unity in our community.

Each year, NAIDOC week brings communities across Australia together to recognise the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and celebrate by seeing, hearing and learning about the rich history of Australia’s first people.

Arriving to AFLW training wearing a pale pink t-shirt sporting the words Always Was, Always Will Be, Kearney spoke passionately about the importance behind these five words.

“NAIDOC Week is important because it recognises the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the impact they have had and continue to have on society,” Kearney said.

“For me it is all about inclusion and making sure people in the community feel a sense of belonging. It is about celebrating the diverse range of cultures we have here in Australia.

“They are the original people of this land and it is important we recognise that. It always was Aboriginal land and always will be.

“To be able to show support by wearing this t-shirt and to have the club celebrate NAIDOC Week, that is something really special to us as a playing group so we can further educate ourselves and others.
“It is really important to be part of a club that is so inclusive of all cultures. Sport is a big part of Australian culture and so for our club to have a welcoming environment where people can be themselves and be who they are, I think that is something really special.”