North Media chats to second-year player Sarah Wright. 

What makes North Melbourne special? 
The people and the history of the club.

Describe North Melbourne in one sentence..

What is your advice to aspiring female footballers?
Back yourself in. You’ll never know if you don’t try. 

My favourite thing about footy is … 
Playing with my mates. 

Do you have any pets?
Two labradors! Oatie and Charlie. 

Favourite holiday destination?
Anywhere that’s hot! 

Favourite song/band? 
Currently loving anything by Ziggy Alberts. 

Outside of footy I ...
Love to hang out with my partner and go do something outdoors. Camping, dirt bikes! 

My favourite AFLW player and why … 
AFLW – Jasmine Garner. She should be playing with the boys already! 

Who wins the 2021 North AFLW B & F?
Jasmine Garner.  

Most embarrassing footy moment ...
Don’t really have one! And hoping it stays that way. 

Most memorable North Melbourne moment ... 
Definitely my first game! Round 1, 2020. Against Melbourne. 

Worst part of pre-season? 
The running program!

Weirdest pre-game tradition/ritual?
I have to wear the same socks, on the same feet every game. 

Favourite post game treat …

What did you want to be when you were younger?
Paramedic. Still do! 

Most influential person in your life? 
Mum and Dad and my partner, Jenna. 

Who is the funniest teammate?
Hate to admit this – but Tahlia Randall! 

How did you react when you were told you were going to play for an AFLW team?
Shocked! Then emotional because I didn’t think it was ever going to happen. 

My go-to activity during COVID-19 lockdown was …

What was the weirdest hobby you picked up during COVID-19 lockdown? 
Definitely mowing the lawns - I’ve become obsessed with grass! 

Something no one knows about you …
I have severe OCD! Everything has a place – my partner hates it!