The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos’ inaugural Indigenous Guernsey is worn in honour of the women who have played, supported, and worked for the club. 

Designed by talented Kununurra woman, Emma MacNeill, the unique design is centered around the themes of inclusion, community, and belonging.  

MacNeill drew inspiration from proud Jawoyn woman and North AFLW star, Mia King, as well as Kaitlyn Ashmore, who were supported by North midfielder and Yorta Yorta man, Jy Simpkin, in the initial design phase.

The jumper will be worn for the first time in Round 5. 

“It has a kangaroo’s paw flower in the middle that is representing the resilience of the women at the North Melbourne Football Club,” King said.

“It comes in different colours, shapes and sizes so it is symbolising that as women at North, we all come from different backgrounds and have different identities, but we all come together as one.

“The concept of coming together is really prominent in this jumper.

“We’ve got the boomerangs as well which represent the men’s AFL team guiding us and empowering us as women, and the hands and shields as protection.”

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AFLW: 2021 Indigenous Guernsey launch (February 23, 2021)

The North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos' inaugural Indigenous guernsey is worn in honour of the women who have played, supported, and worked for the club.

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Featuring an intricate design surrounding the kangaroo paw flower, ‘U’ shapes represent the women, men and children who support the club, while kangaroo tracks complete the design in a nod to future generations following in our players’ footsteps.

“It is about all the women that have gone before us, not just the players, but the supporters and everyone as a whole,” Ashmore said.

“North Melbourne has been really great with inclusion… it’s not just women, it is men from all cultures and all diversities coming together.”

Looking closer at the intricate patterns in the background, the 2021 Indigenous jumper reveals hands of support, a shield of protection as well as two initials, K.A and M.K. 

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