The North Melbourne Football Club was granted more than $7 million by the Victorian State Government in 2020 to complete Stage 2 of its Arden Street redevelopment. 

The upgrade will ensure the Kangaroos' headquarters remain among the best in the competition while supporting community needs and delivering state-of-the art facilities for the club's four elite programs: AFL, AFLW, VFL and VFLW. 

The new facilities include community and AFLW/VFLW female-friendly change rooms, umpires' change rooms, multipurpose meeting spaces, multimedia facilities, away team doctor / first aid / ASADA office, a commercial kitchen, and a revitalisation of the club’s community arm, The Huddle, which includes office space for volunteers.

The plans add to the Kangaroos' ability to play games at Arden St, while delivering greater resources for the club's community members, and the opportunity to create a safe and inclusive space for all.

Upgrading Arden St's community facilities will allow the club to cater to the growing demand from local schools, sports clubs, cultural groups, universities and residents, delivering access to resources to aid health and wellbeing, cultural identity, education, training, and employment programs, therefore strengthening social inclusion.

The redevelopment is scheduled for completion in 2022.


1. What will be built?

The redevelopment is currently in Stage 2 of delivery, aiming to extend NMFC’s high performance and community facilities.

Stage 2 will include:

  • New changerooms for AFLW and VFLW teams and the local community
  • Improved medical rooms
  • Redevelopment of The Huddle facilities to create a world class education environment
  • Additional administration space and modifications to existing areas for North Melbourne Football Club and The Huddle staff.
  • Commercial kitchen for use by North Melbourne Football Club and the local community.

 Stage 1, completed in 2019, saw the delivery of new training and match day facilities.

2. Why is NMFC undertaking this project?

Stage 2 of the redevelopment will ensure the club can meet the needs of our teams and improve our ability to facilitate community programs. It will deliver a modern facility which bridges the gap between AFL and AFLW high-performance facilities, supporting women’s participation in football at all levels. On completion, the project will maximise the club’s ability to host AFLW, VFL and VFLW matches and transform The Huddle into a world-class education environment.

3. Who is funding the redevelopment?

Stage 2 is made possible by a $7 million grant from the Victorian Government. In addition, NMFC is contributing more than $725,000 for the project, with another $180,000 being provided through our community arm, The Huddle.

4. What public consultation process occurred?

Through the delivery of Stage 1 of the redevelopment, the Club undertook a thorough community consultation process to ensure key stakeholders and members of the community were given the opportunity to provide feedback on both stages.

5. Will the community have access to the facility?

Yes. Access to the reserve will remain throughout the development.

In addition, following the upgrades, the community will benefit from improved amenities and match day experience. Visitors to The Huddle will also enjoy high- tech multi-media facilities including interactive audio-visual equipment in the new community learning spaces.

6. Who is delivering the works?

The Stage 2 works are being delivered by Melbourne based contractor Harris HMC. The club has also been supported by a project team consisting of representatives from:

  • Neo Group – Project Director/Client Representative
  • Bridge42 – Project Manager
  • HB Arch – Lead Consultant/Architect
  • WT Partnership – Quantity Surveyor

7. Where will the works occur?

The works will impact the eastern end of the facility, with an extension to the building along Arden Street, over 2 levels. Works will also occur to the club’s internal operational spaces and The Huddle.

8. What is the timeline for the works?

Works commenced in January 2022 and are due for completion in August 2022.

9. What will be the effect on the surrounding area during construction?

Restricted Works Zones have been established to the east end of the facility, with access maintained to the remainder of the reserve. Temporary work zones may be established to isolated areas at times throughout the project, protective barriers and signage will be erected to mark any works that may occur.

10. Where can I find more information?

Further information and project updates can be found at