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Aidan Corr speaks to junior mascots (Presented by VRGF)

North Melbourne defender Aidan Corr chats to junior mascots about his career

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This video was filmed before current COVID restrictions were put in place.

We're proud to continue our partnership with the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and support their Love the Game program because we love football.

Love the Game is about reducing the exposure of young people to sports betting promotion and disrupting the social norm of betting and sport. 

These days sports betting advertising is everywhere and for young people, especially, it would be hard to remember a time when we watched sport without thinking about the odds. Today’s ads make it look like you need to have a bet on the game to enjoy it.

When young people see excessive sports betting promotion it can seem like gambling is normal, and that sport is all about the odds, not the game. When something feels normal, it doesn’t seem risky.

Did you know a recent qualitative study showed 75% of kids aged 8-16 who watch sport, think betting on sport is normal? 75% of kids could also name one or more sports betting brands.

We encourage all our fans, including parents and other role models, to talk to young people this season about the risks and consequences of gambling.

For more information on how to have the talk visit lovethegame.vic.gov.au