It’s been a big year for The Huddle. 

Over the past 12 months, we engaged 12,061 new participants, achieving 112% growth.  

These participants are far from just a statistic, as they challenged us, informed our programs, and helped us grow. 

Through working with these young people, we created programs, such as HERstory and Iskufilan, that respond to the needs of the community. 

We delivered programs in more than 70 locations across Australia, engaging with 112 schools.

None of that could have been possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers; who this year gave more than 2,750 hours of their time to help young people learn, grow, and belong. 

Of these volunteers, nearly half were under the age of 25. 

42 of the young people who we worked with are now employed, some of whom now come back and give their time to The Huddle’s study squad to help their peers.

Now, our eyes focused on 2020, when we celebrate our 10-year anniversary. We will launch True North, and watch the continued expansion of GOAL! across Australia while continuing to be inspired and energised by the young people around us.