A school branded tote bag, a fantasy board game, a spider café and a t-shirt line were just some of the ‘Shark Tank’ ideas Mount Alexander College business students presented on Friday. 

Staff from The Huddle and North Melbourne Football Club helped facilitate the session which saw students present their business ideas to the class, exhibiting how the product functions, associated costs and marketing strategies.  

"I was really impressed with the range of ideas from the students, they were so creative,” The Huddle head of volunteers, Caroline Duffield, said.  

“I think there were some young entrepreneurs in the class. I enjoyed thinking critically about the businesses."  

After hearing their pitches, staff provided the students with valuable feedback regarding branding, how to market to broader audiences and presentation skills. Despite not being able to show their prototypes, the students still impressed the judges with their final products. 

“It was such a good comprehensive presentation, you could tell you really thought about everything and tested it,” Duffield said. 

“With lockdown and everything you’re already spending a lot of time on screens, people might want a break from that to play with friends and family and have a bit of fun,” participant Max said, about his group’s board game.