The North Melbourne Football Club condemns a racist comment posted on social media at the weekend by a former North Melbourne listed player.

The player’s remark was in response to Heritier Lumumba’s comments about the AFL’s handling of racism. The player has since deleted the post and the club has encouraged him to apologise to Lumumba and try to gain a greater appreciation for the pain and hurt caused by such remarks.

The player in question was rookie listed by North in 2012 and delisted in 2014 without playing a senior game. He played with the Kangaroos’ VFL-affiliated club.

North CEO, Ben Amarfio, said the club would continue to call out disgusting and abhorrent comments in order to stamp out racism. 

“While our club is not responsible for a former listed player’s disgraceful remarks, I nonetheless expressed our unreserved apology to Heritier,” Amarfio said.

“Racism is divisive and hurtful and we must strive to create a safer, more inclusive community. We must stop the cruelty and be kinder to one another.

“The AFL and broader football community has stated time and time again that there is no place for racism in our game. Despite this, we continue to see racism raising its ugly head almost weekly. It has to stop. 

“As a community we have to say enough is enough. We are all equal. We are one community and we should embrace all people regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, disability or colour. 

“Throughout the AFL we are striving to be a tightly integrated community which respects, embraces and celebrates our differences and diversity. Those who seek to see differences instead of commonality and union should have no place in our game.

“People who don’t accept these values or whom after years of education still don’t understand these principles, won’t be welcome in our club and we hope the broader football and non-football community takes a similarly strong stance against these ignorant few.

“Through our community arm, The Huddle, more than 85,000 young people from over 160 different cultures over the past decade have been engaged, supported and empowered through our programs to learn, grow and feel a stronger sense of belonging to the community.

“We will continue to meaningfully engage and collaborate with our communities, from Australia’s First People to our newest arrivals to create safe, welcoming, culturally-affirming and inclusive environments for all.”

The club will revoke the player’s impending Past Players Association Membership and will continue to take a hard stance against racism.