Jaidyn Stephenson will be assessed by a surgeon today after he suffered a small fracture to his hip in an accident at his home on Friday. 

The 22-year-old was admitted to hospital after he fell from his bike onto a hard surface in his backyard.

North Melbourne GM football, Brady Rawlings, said Stephenson is receiving the best medical care after being taken to hospital on Friday afternoon. 

“Jaidyn’s pretty flat at the moment and he’s a bit sick and sorry,” Rawlings said.

“After having had drinks at home with his housemates, he attempted to perform a trick on his mountain bike off the back deck. He lost balance and fell onto a concrete paver. 

“Initially, after the accident, Jaidyn was able to walk but the pain progressed to a point that an ambulance was called. 

“He was kept in overnight and he looks like he might be laid up for a while. At this stage he’ll have a stay in hospital while his surgeon decides whether he’ll need surgery.

“It puts a dampener on what was a promising season for Jaidyn. We’re disappointed with his poor judgment and his reckless action has resulted in quite a painful injury for him.”

The club will provide an update on Stephenson’s health once he has been further assessed.