The Spring Huddle Holidays came to a close today after two jam-packed weeks of activities online for our junior and senior participants, with thanks to the Department of Education and Training.

Monday meant another successful Customer Service Course online, with seven participants partaking in the skills building session run by the Institute of Training and Further Education. 

It was a day of good times on Wednesday with not one, but two activities available for junior and senior participants. During the day 13 young people got creative with the ON TRACK Song Writing Session with Mushroom Group and local musicians MC Mantra, Ed Moon and Françoistunes. 

The session had participants learn the elements and mindset needed to write a song and, with a funky beat produced by François, workshopped lyrics for a song both individually and as a group.

MC Mantra said, “This is one of the best parts of our job, hearing these incredible things young people make.”

In the evening, 29 junior and senior participants joined together again for a Games Night online. Staff facilitated a fun night full of games and challenges such as trivia, Guess the Song challenge, a Scavenger Hunt and more.

One student said, “I thought it was fun. I enjoyed competing against others, especially in the Scavenger Hunt.”

Another student said, “I liked meeting new people and making friends – I didn’t know anyone beforehand.”

COVID lockdowns didn’t stop our participants from getting involved these Huddle Holidays and it showed in the number of participants who came to each and every session. The initiative and commitment shown by the young people involved was amazing to see over these two weeks. 

A participant stated, “It was great to be a part of this. I have missed out on a lot of activities because of COVID, so to do this was good!”