Synergy will be the focus for the North Melbourne Tasmanian Kangaroos in their second AFLW season with a raft of core players re-committing to the club.

Leading the way are skipper Emma Kearney and inaugural best-and-fairest winner, Jenna Bruton, with the pair signing on for a further two seasons.

Kearney and Bruton are joined by All-Australians Emma King and Jas Garner, as well as vice-captain Britt Gibson, best-and-fairest podium-finisher Kate Gillespie-Jones and Kaitlyn Ashmore.

North AFLW coach Scott Gowans has also re-signed, and said finding stability is an integral part of the team successfully moving into its second season.

“Part of our strategy was to build a sense of belonging and synergy,” Gowans said.

“2020 will come quickly and it’s critical we have a group of players that know and trust one another on and off the field.

“The challenge in the past season was that the players were new to each other, but next season it will be a different story. We will be able to build on the infamous Shinboner Spirit, the relationships that have formed and the sense of togetherness and camaraderie we were able to create.

A key part of building that trust is having a leader the players know and respect. Gowans’ extension a key pillar in the club’s roadmap to success.

“That shows the club’s faith in me and I’m very happy to continue the journey with North and a super talented group of players and support staff,” he said.

Gowans will also continue to coach Melbourne University in the VFLW.

“I just want to get better and stronger as a unit, giving the players every opportunity to be successful,” Gowans added.

“With the introduction of two year contracts for players, we’re able to gain some real security and develop a clearer blue-print for success. It’s great that our players are buying into our vision and seeing a real opportunity to create history here at Arden St.

“For us, it’s about improvement and growth, and putting a team together that is united and committed to the club and each other,” he said.

North will announce further signings and list changes in the coming days.