Sam Wright has opened up about spending longer than anticipated on the sidelines with an ankle injury.

The defender was originally expected to miss just one week but it ended up becoming three.

“It’s been pretty frustrating,” Wright told

“We thought it’d just be the week to start with and it just didn’t come up as good as we would have liked.

“We got further scans and thought we should give it a couple more weeks. To come back on the weekend, I needed that blow out to get that out of the system.”

Unfortunately for Wright, his return was marked by a loss against Sydney.

Despite the team having won on their last trip to the state, the nine-game win streak came to an end.

“We were really confident going up there,” Wright admitted.

“We’ve had good success in the past against them.

“They just got off to a better start than us, we didn’t win the ball around the contest and a few other things didn’t really happen for us.”

However, the team has already learned from the defeat and is looking forward to the chance to bounce back.

“You’ve just got to adapt in those situations and we didn’t, so that was pretty disappointing but we’re pretty excited to back it up and play Richmond in Tassie this week.

“We all love playing down there (at Blundstone Arena) and we think it’s one of the best decks in the league.”

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