Veteran Jamie Macmillan has backed Rhyce Shaw after he was appointed as interim coach.

The North Melbourne defender says Shaw has already made a significant impact in the short time he’s been at Arden Street.

“I’ve only known him for six months since he’s come to the Kangas,” Macmillan said on The Oval Office.

“I can’t speak highly enough of him.

“He’s a relationship-based guy who gets on with absolutely everyone and he’s really built that strong relationship with our playing group already.

“I think the guys are really going to warm to him.”

That emphasis on building and maintaining bonds is something Shaw prides himself on, and an attribute former colleagues speak glowingly of.

“I’ve had so much time over the past two days to think about (the role), and I’ve had a lot of messages from people around the league in their support, and they’ve all been about me being me,” Shaw told media on Tuesday.

“John Longmire told me that I am in this position because I’m a good person, I treat people really well and I put my players first, so I shouldn’t change.”

A unique character, the 37-year-old has his own style of coaching, however Macmillan believes it may be a while until we see those philosophies put into place.

“He’s going to have had five days in charge before we take on Tigers, so he’s not going to be able to make a massive change tactically, but as the season goes on I’m sure you’ll start to see the flavour of Rhyce Shaw in the way we play.”