Jade Rawlings says Rhyce Shaw’s vision for the future helped him make the tough decision to leave Melbourne.

After eight seasons at the Demons, Rawlings joins North Melbourne as senior assistant coach for 2020 and beyond. 

“I didn’t come to the decision lightly. I’ve been absolutely wedded to Melbourne for the last eight years,” he said on RSN.

“(I’ve) been through pretty much everything with them without quite getting to the top of the peak. 

“Rhyce Shaw was keen to have a chat, and after spoke I identified with Rhyce very quickly as a person, and as a football person.

“It was quite clear where he sees the group are currently at, and where he believes they can get to.” 

"Rhyce’s understanding of where they’re at really impressed me.

"They made some serious adjustments or improvements when he took over, but he doesn’t think that’s their cap.

"There’s a lot of match-winners in that team.

"When you go up against opposition you think about how many players concern you, and I think the Kangaroos have a lot of those.

The highly-respected Rawlings will take on a more senior role with the Roos, and can’t wait to get started at his new club.

“I was probably looking for a bit more meat on the bone in terms of the role, and Rhyce and North Melbourne were able to provide that. I’m genuinely excited about.” 

Rawlings’ brother, Brady, a 245-game club champion will return to North Melbourne as the general manager of football in December. 

“The decision was independent from my brother,” he said. 

“Rhyce was the driver of this, and it’s a bonus that my brother will be the football manager.” 

It won’t be completely unfamiliar territory for Jade either, having played three games at North back in 2006.