North Melbourne has improved its Draft position, after a pick swap with Hawthorn.

The Roos now have three picks inside the top 30 after trading out a future second round pick in 2020, as well as picks 50 and 73 this year, in return for the Hawks’ No.30.

National recruiting manager, Mark Finnigan, said a previous pick swap with Melbourne allowed the club the flexibility to bring in three players inside 30.

“By having two first round selections next year already, we had the ability to trade out our future second pick, and strengthen our hand this year,” he said.

“With such an even Draft this year, we’re confident we can bring in three high-quality players within the first 30 selections.”

Finnigan said North has four primary list spots available, making the deal a no-brainer.

“Essentially it meant we weren’t going to use picks 50 and 73, so having the involved in a deal for pick 30 was a great result for us,” he added.

North now has picks 26, 27, 30 and 47.