After a breakout season, North Melbourne has moved to lock in mid-sized forward Cameron Zurhaar to a two year extension.

"I am stoked ... A happy man," the former rookie said.

"It was just good to get the pressure off and get it [the contract] done."

Zurhaar came to Arden St via the 2016 Rookie Draft and has forced his way onto the senior list.

"It means a heap; I finally found some form and played the whole season. To get another contract gives you time, makes you more comfortable. You definitely don’t cruise along with a new contract, but it takes the weight off your shoulders," he told the Herald Sun.

Zurhaar won't be resting on his laurels though, and is aiming to pack even more punch next season and be a regular starter.

"Just consistent games, [play] another 22 games hopefully and even more ... get into finals," he said.

Under Rhcye Shaw, North played an aggressive style of football, and one that Zurhaar wants to continue to be a part of.

"We are going in the right direction with a very attacking game of footy, I love it. It’s my type of game, being physical," he said.

The 21-year-old made a name for himself with his brutal attack on the football and the man.  

He bagged two, five-goal hauls against the Saints and Blues, and against the Tigers, he racked up an incredible, eleven bone-crunching tackles, hence why his teammates call him, "Bull".

“Sometimes I come off better than the other person and I like tackling," he said.

“Shawry (Rhyce Shaw) has hit me up a few times ... one of my big targets is in the first five minutes of the game to get a big hit or even get hit myself - it just puts me in the game and that was massive for me this year.

“If I got hit, or got taken out, the boys were up and about and I was up and about. It just ramped up my game and you felt better going into the game.”

Another key to his rise a player, is the relationship he's formed with fellow forward Nick Larkey.

"Having Larks in the team and myself playing consistent footy makes it a better feel out there. I guess we have become closer on and off the field through that," he said.

"Me and Larks were already close, but creating that bond makes it a lot easier to play in the side.

“We played a fair bit of footy in the VFL in our first year ... This year we played 17 games together and our bond has definitely become closer, and with him and Kayne (Turner) and the rest of the forward line it’s a great feel and so young as well.”

In the near future, the 28-gamer is eying a role in the middle.

"It would be good to get a few minutes in the midfield ... the tank always has to get better," he admitted.

"You can never have a good enough tank and being clean around the footy ... now I have a full season, relaxing a bit with the footy in my hands and not rushing."