Set to be missing from the coaches box for at least the next four weeks, Brad Scott said it was a tough decision to opt for surgery on his back.

“(I’m) very reluctant (to have surgery). I’m the leader of this team and I’m really disappointed that I have to miss games, but we explored every opportunity and possible alternative to this, and we are at the point where this is simply no other alternative,” Scott told

“It’s something that I was hoping to keep very private and deal with myself, but unfortunately since the pre-season it’s (the back) been a bit of an issue.

“I was hoping that would be October (after the home and away season), but the last two weeks in particular have been a pretty slippery slope to the point where it’s pretty debilitating and makes it impossible to function.”

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Such is the significance of Scott’s discomfort, he’s even taken to standing up in the coaches box in recent weeks.

“Pain’s one thing, but function is another and unfortunately according to the neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon there’s absolutely no option, or risk permanent damage, which when you’re dealing with your back is not a thought worth contemplating,” he said.

In Scott’s absence, Darren Crocker will take the reins as caretaker coach.

Crocker already boasts senior coaching experience, having taken over for 10 games in 2009 following the departure of Dean Laidley.

“We’ve got great assistant coaches … really experienced assistant coaches who can stand up,” Scott said.

“Just as importantly our leaders get a great opportunity to stand up in my absence.”

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Scott will still have the opportunity to make his mark though.

“I think it’ll only be a really short period of time, a matter of one or two weeks where I’m not able to do anything at all,” he added.

“But then even the games I’m not coaching I’ll have significant input into the way we prepare, the way we train, the way that way we plan. In a strange sort of way, it’ll give me a little bit more of an opportunity to do some work.

“We’ll look back at this as a really minor thing and I’ll be back in no time.”