All AFL clubs were required to submit club lists to the AFL today by 2pm, Friday October 30, in preparation for next month’s NAB AFL Draft, to be held on Tuesday November 24 in Adelaide.

Adelaide Crows

In: Dean Gore (Trade), Curtly Hampton (Trade), Jake Kelly (Promoted Rookie), Troy Menzel (Trade), Paul Seedsman (Trade), Hugh Greenwood (3yr unregistered Rookie), Alex Keath (3yr unregistered Rookie)

Out: Patrick Dangerfield (Trade), Sam Kerridge (Trade), Brodie Martin (Delist), James Podsiadly (retired), Brent Reilly (retired), Sam Siggins (delisted), Matthew Wright (delisted), Jack Osborn (delisted), Anthony Wilson (delisted)

Brisbane Lions

In: Ryan Bastinac (trade), Tom Bell (trade), Jarrad Jansen (trade), Joshua Walker (trade)

Out: Jed Adcock (delisted), James Aish (trade), Mitchell Golby (delisted), Matthew Leuenberger (free Agency), Matt Maguire (retired), Luke McGuane (retired), Jackson Paine (delisted), Jack Redden (trade), Brent Staker (retired), Jord0n Bourke (delisted), Zac O’Brien (delisted)


In: Sam Kerridge (trade), Jed Lamb (trade), Andrew Phillips (trade), Lachlan Plowman (trade), Liam Sumner (trade), Michael Korcheck (International USA)

Out: Tom Bell (trade), Andrew Carrazzo (retired), David Ellard (retired), Cameron Giles (delisted), Lachlan Henderson (trade), Nick Holman (delisted), Chris Judd (retired), Troy Menzel (trade), Robert Warnock (delisted), Matthew Watson (delisted), Chris Yarran (trade), Tom Fields (delisted), Blaine Johnson (delisted), Fraser Russell (delisted), Bradley Walsh (delisted)


In: James Aish (Trade), Jack Frost (Promoted Rookie), Jeremy Howe (Trade), Adam Treloar (Trade), Darrean Wyatt (3yr unregistered Rookie)

Out: Sam Dwyer (delisted), Nathan Freeman (trade), Patrick Karnezis (retired), Lachlan Keeffe (delisted), Ben Kennedy (trade), Paul Seedsman (trade), Josh Thomas (delisted), Clinton Young (delisted), Brenden Abbott (delisted), Tony Armstrong (delisted), Michael Manteit (delisted)


In: Craig Bird (Trade), Matthew Leuenberger (Free Agency), Shaun McKernan (Promoted Rookie),

Out: Alex Browne (delisted), Jake Carlisle (trade), Paul Chapman (retired), Lauchlan Dalgleish (delisted), Dustin Fletcher (retired), Jonathan Giles (trade), Elliott Kavanagh (delisted), Jake Melksham (trade), Jason Winderlich (retired), Kurt Aylett (delisted), Ariel Steinberg (delisted)


In: Harley Bennell (trade), Ethan Hughes (promoted rookie)

Out: Ryan Crowley (delisted), Joshua Deluca-Cardillo (delisted), Paul Duffield (retired), Max Duffy (delisted), Luke McPharlin (retired), Anthony Morabito (delisted), Colin Sylvia (delisted), Jacob Ballard (delisted), Craig Moller (delisted), Thomas Vandeleur (delisted)

Geelong Cats

In: Patrick Dangerfield (trade), Lachlan Henderson (trade), Michael Luxford promoted Rookie), Scott Selwood (Free Agency), Zac Smith (trade)

Out: Sam Blease (retired), Dean Gore (trade), Bradley Hartman (retired), Jarrad Jansen (trade), Steven Johnson (trade), James Kelly (retired), Hamish McIntosh (retired), Jared Rivers (retired), Dawson Simpson (Free Agency), Mathew Stokes (retired), Josh Walker (trade), James Toohey (retired)

Gold Coast Suns

In: Keegan Brooksby (promoted rookie), Daniel Currie (trade), Matthew Rosa (trade), Adam Saad (promoted rookie)

Out: Harley Bennell (trade), Charlie Dixon (trade), Daniel Gorringe (delisted), Josh Hall (delisted), Zac Smith (trade), Daniel Stanley (delisted), Timmy Sumner (delisted), Greg Broughton (delisted), Tyrone Downie (delisted), Jarred Ellis (delisted), Joshua Glenn (delisted), Louis Herbert (delisted), Andrew Raines (delisted)

GWS Giants

In: Steven Johnson (trade), Dawson Simpson (free Agency)

Out: Dylan Addison (delisted), Tomas Bugg (trade), Tim Golds (delisted), Curtly Hampton (trade), Jed Lamb (trade), Andrew Phillips (trade), Lachlan Plowman (trade), Liam Sumner (trade), Jacob Townsend (trade), Adam Treloar (trade), Sam Schulz (delisted)


In: Jack Fitzpatrick (trade), Kurt Heatherley (Promoted Rookie), Conor Glass (International Ireland)

Out: Jed Anderson (trade), David Hale (retired), Brian Lake (retired), Jonathan Simpkin (delisted), Matthew Suckling (Free Agent), Alex Woodward (delisted), Sam Grimley (delisted), Jared Hardisty (delisted)


In: Tomas Bugg (trade), James Harmes (promoted Rookie), Ben Kennedy (trade), Jake Melksham (trade), Aaron vandenBerg (promoted Rookie), Joel Smith (3yr Unregistered)

Out: Rohan Bail (delisted), Daniel Cross (retired), Jack Fitzpatrick (trade), Jeremy Howe (trade), Mark Jamar (delisted), Jordie McKenzie (delisted), Aiden Riley (delisted), Jimmy Toumpas (trade)

North Melbourne

In: Jed Anderson (trade)

Out: Leigh Adams (retired), Ryan Bastinac (trade), Daniel Currie (trade), Majak Daw (delisted), Nathan Grima (retired), Kieran Harper (delisted), Scott McMahon (delisted), Eric Wallace (delisted), Max Warren (delisted)

Port Adelaide

In: Charlie Dixon (trade), Sam Gray (promoted rookie), Jimmy Toumpas (trade)

Out: Kane Cornes (retired), Mitchell Harvey (delisted), Kane Mitchell (delisted), Andrew Moore (delisted), Jarrad Redden (delisted), Mason Shaw (delisted), Daniel Flynn (delisted), Tom Logan (delisted), Samuel Russell (delisted), Johann Wagner (delisted)


In: Kane Lambert (Promoted Rookie), Jacob Townsend (Trade), Chris Yarran (Trade)

Out: Matthew Dea (delisted), Nathan Foley (retired), Nathan Gordon (delisted), Chris Knights (retired), Matthew McDonough (delisted), Chris Newman (retired), Ricky Petterd (retired), Matthew Arnot (delisted), Matthew Thomas (delisted)

St Kilda

In: Jake Carlisle (Trade), Nathan Freeman (Trade), Jack Sinclair (Promoted Rookie)

Out: Daniel Markworth (delisted), Farren Ray (delisted), Josh Saunders (delisted), Tom Simpkin (delisted), Arryn Siposs (delisted), Spencer White (delisted), Ahmed Saad (delisted), Adam Schneider (delisted)

Sydney Swans

In: Sam Naismith (promoted Rookie), Callum Sinclair (trade), Michael Talia (trade), Colin O’Riordan (International Ireland)

Out: Craig Bird (trade), Adam Goodes (retired), Lewis Jetta (trade), Harrison Marsh (delisted), Michael Pyke (retired), Rhyce Shaw (retired), Sean McLaren (delisted), Lloyd Perris (delisted)

West Coast

In: Jonathan Giles (trade), Lewis Jetta (trade), Jack Redden (trade)

Out: Brant Colledge (delisted), Dylan Main (delisted), Matthew Rosa (trade), Scott Selwood (Free Agency), Callum Sinclair (trade), Simon Tunbridge (delisted), Alec Waterman (delisted), Beau Waters (Retired), Will Maginness (delisted), Murray Newman (delisted), Rowen Powell (delisted)

Western Bulldogs

In: Matthew Suckling (Free Agency)

Out: Ayce Cordy (delisted), Sam Darley (delisted), Matthew Fuller (delisted), Jarrad Grant (delisted), Michael Talia (trade), Brett Goodes (delisted), Jordan Kelly (delisted), Daniel Pearce (delisted)