Photo: Citra Diyab (left) with Nasteha Mohamud (Coordinator Social Cohesion) 

From a Cultural Ambassador for the North Melbourne Football Club, to giving countless hours volunteering for The Huddle, Citra Diyab is nothing short of an inspiration.

Involved with The Huddle since March last year, the Ethiopian Australian said the School Holiday program and Study Squad were the most rewarding.

“I got to meet a lot of the school students, and then with the School Holidays program just being involved in the entire process and to see behind-the-scenes was just like ‘wow’,” Diyab told North Media. 

“Then going on the trips with the children as well, it’s such an amazing initiation by The Huddle and just seeing the smiles on the faces of the young children as well is just really rewarding.”

Diyab works not only with The Huddle, but also Red Cross and My Community. 

“I’ve been volunteering for years now, but I volunteer with My Community every Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” she said. 

“We organise fundraisers, we organise trips for the youth, we organise BBQ’s, we have religious lessons and every Saturday we have language school, so I’m a volunteer teacher and I teach every Saturday.”

Diyab said the feeling she got upon walking into The Huddle was overwhelming. 

“The friendliness and the entire environment when I walked in ... I just felt happy and I didn’t feel intimidated by anyone,” she said. 

"Everyone was very welcoming and everyone helping out one another to help things run smoothly within The Huddle and the bond that everyone has with one another.” 

National Volunteer Week runs from Monday, May 18 – Sunday, May 24, recognised the amazing generosity of some amazing people. 

“I feel like it’s (Volunteer Week) very important because people take time out of their day, out of their week, to do something that they feel is rewarding to them and rewarding to others,” Diyab added. 

“Volunteers having that recognition means something to them; people are acknowledging us and people are understanding the time and dedication.”