Home-schooling has been a challenge since COVID-19 restrictions were enforced, particularly for those who don’t have devices at home.

North Melbourne’s community arm, The Huddle, worked tirelessly to identify families in its communities who had little to no resources, some of those families with several children learning from home.

Thanks to club partner, Comwire IT, The Huddle was able to distribute 14 laptops and 10 computers to families.

“A lot of people lost their employment and don’t have the financial means to support the young people with at home learning,” The Huddle, coordinator social cohesion for parents, Nasteha Mohamud said.

One thankful recipient Ahmed Abdi Ahmed said the laptop will help him, “study harder and work for a better future for himself and his family”.

“It feels like I couldn’t get that opportunity earlier and I feel grateful for it,” he added.

Comwire IT, CTO Lee Shrimpton, said it was a great opportunity to strengthen its connection with the club and its community.

“We are a very proud partner of the club and when we heard about the opportunity to help young people, we didn’t hesitate,” Shrimpton said.

“It was a natural fit for us once we heard youth were unable to participate in home schooling due to lack of devices.

“The Huddle are doing amazing things within the community and we are thrilled that 24 homes now have access to learning.”

After its successes, The Huddle, in partnership with Victorian Government and Comwire IT, will look to distribute another 250 laptops over the coming months.

The Huddle has also distribute more than 150 food packages to families who have been heavily impacted by COVID, due to job loss and ineligibility to government funding.

This year, The Huddle celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary and the 75,000 young people its helped over its journey so far.