AFL Football is a powerful and unique force which can help bring people together from various cultures, races and religions.  For Agum Maluach, Aussie Rules has been a very important part of settling into Melbourne.

Agum moved to Australia from Sudan when she was just 15-years old accompanied only by her older sister, leaving behind their parents to start a new life.

Playing footy made fitting in and making friends easier for Agum and now at the age of 20, she's learning to improve on her kicking and marking in a girls only program run by The Huddle.

"I love footy because it's so athletic and it's just really Aussie and I'm Aussie too," Agum told

"The first time I came to Australia when I was 15, they showed us how to play a bit of footy because it's such an Australian sport. It's a really nice way to be a part of Australian culture and make new friends."

Agum attends the River Nile Learning Centre in North Melbourne to complete her VCAL studies because as a young mum, she did not get the chance to finish her high school education.

"I have twin boys and a girl. My boys Madit and Mangor are one year old and my daughter Adhel is three.  When my boys are a bit older, I would like them to join a local footy club. It will be so good for them.

"We have a little footy at home and already my daughter likes to kick it around the house."

Agum travels to North Melbourne on public transport every day to go to school and her only family support is her older sister.

"My parents are back in East Africa so I don't get to see them very often. My sister and I are very close and she often helps look after my kids."

For Agum and others who attend the River Nile Learning Centre, The Huddle's football program has been a fun and active way for the them to learn a sport and feel more integrated.

"I really enjoy playing it because of the amazing happiness I get, its so fun! All us girls really enjoying playing together and we can't wait to go to along to a game soon.

"We want to cheer on Majak!"