Twice every week, two of the best goals kicked in our history will go head-to-head in a fan vote, to determine the best of all-time.

All entries go into the draw to win a 2021 membership, as well as a $20 Roo Shop voucher per matchup vote.

In the next round, it's Phil Krakouer v Brent Harvey. Which goal gets your vote? 

Watch the video in the player below, then head to the form further down the page to register and win.

It's all thanks to Mazda.

View the full list of matchups at the bottom of the page. 

Round 1 prize winner: Nicholas Pascoe
Round 2 prize winner: Phil Kirkham
Round 3 prize winner: Rob Sale
Round 4 prize winner: Paul Thomson
Round 5 prize winner: Harvey Emery
Round 6 prize winner: Leanne Ransome
Round 7 prize winner: Michelle Garita
Round 8 prize winner: Derrick Smith
Round 9 prize winner: Adam Mason
Round 10 prize winner: Ashleigh Bennell
Round 11 prize winner: Peter Sheehy

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Phil Krakouer vs Brent Harvey

It's the semi-finals of our hunt for North's best goal of all-time! Is it Phil Krakouer's goal in round 10, 1986; or Brent Harvey's in round 19, 2008?

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