Aidan Corr says he has great trust in what North Melbourne is building, and can’t wait to play a key role in the club’s future.

The versatile defender officially joined the Roos on a five-year deal on Friday.

“I really backed in what they are doing,” Corr said on RSN.

“It’s not even just the young talent that they’ve got … it’s the older boys too.

“I saw them round two and they tore us (the Giants) apart. When they’ve got a full side in I’ve seen what they do.”

Corr said he was excited to play alongside the likes of Robbie Tarrant, Luke McDonald and Josh Walker in defence.

“I spoke to a few of the boys after the game (in round two) about their backline, just sussing out, and Toby (Greene) said they really wanted to defend and they were hard to play on,” he said.

“It’s great from another player to hear and to join that I’m pretty excited.”

Corr played 98 games for the Giants, having been selected with pick 14 at the 2012 NAB AFL Draft.

At 26, he’ll arrive as one of North’s most experienced players, but still very much moving into the prime of his career.

“It was a bit funny when went into the hub together (the Giants and Kangaroos) … I was trying to keep pretty low-key and on my best behaviour,” Corr joked.

“I’d walk past Brady Rawlings (North GM Football) and just give him a little thumbs-up and keep walking.”

Despite finishing 17th in 2020, Corr backed the Roos to bounce back.

“I’m backing in the playing group and what they are trying to build, and I trust Brady and those guys to get the job done finding a new coach, which is pretty exciting.”

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