In January, the North Melbourne Football Club and its community-arm, The Huddle, will become a part of the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Foundation 150th year celebrations. 

The RCH150 Anniversary Art Trail will see one hundred UooUoo’s scattered across the streets of Melbourne and Geelong from January 20 until March 21, bringing colour and creativity to laneways, streets, parks and public spaces. 

The mythical UooUoo creatures have been painted by some of the country’s best artists, and captures the transformative spirit of the RCH. 

‘UooUooniversal’ painted by Geelong artist, Patricia Waugh, will be located at the club’s Arden St home and represents the universal connection we share, with a strong representation of multicultural existence and coming together in harmony. 

It speaks of community, common goals, acceptance, love, and our connections to our natural environment. The colours used represent our gardens and forests, the sky, the red earth of Australia, and the warmth of the sun.  

The UooUoo Art Trail will be an extraordinary walking experience, encouraging individuals, families and businesses to get moving and see some amazing art.  

The sculptures will be auctioned after Easter to raise additional funds for the hospital.  

The Kangaroos’ have formed a strong relationship with the RCH, the RCH 150 Art Trail an extension of its support through the Good Friday Appeal.  

To find out more about the RCH 150 Art Trial click here.