There were shouts of excitement and liberation as one-by-one, the 10 young women taking part in The Huddle’s HERStory camp dug deep to find their inner courage on the camp’s giant swing. 

Each leap of faith was met with cheers of encouragement from those on the ground and it was plain to see that after only a day together, the participants were forming connections to last a lifetime. 

In just 48 hours the young women had come together to build a community where all were supported and encouraged to move outside their comfort zones. 

From canoeing to taking a leap of faith on the giant swing, yoga sessions to dancing around a campfire, each program was chosen to build teamwork, trust, and a sisterhood. 

Facilitated by Nasteha Mohamud, The Huddle’s social cohesion coordinator – Parents, women and families, the camp is an opportunity for young women to get to know other like-minded women and themselves. 

“The HERStory camp is special because it provides young women an opportunity to let their hair down, both figuratively and literally,” Mohamud said. 

“It’s an environment where everyone is friends, and so you know the person standing next to you is there to support you. It is a chance for women to be encouraged and empowered to reach past their comfort zone in an environment where they are comfortable. 

“It is liberating and inspiring for me as well to see the young women take part in the camp and in just 48 hours, we can see how much they have grown and what they have learnt about themselves and other women in their community.” 

In partnership with YMCA Victoria and the Victorian State Government, HERStory provides women with culturally appropriate activities to engage young women, connect and build networks as well as pushing participants out of their comfort zones.

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Making HERStory

The 10 young women taking part in The Huddle'sHERStorycamp dug deep to find their inner courage on the camp's giant swing.

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